Bars that don't card nyc reddit? (2023)

Which bars in NYC don't card?

Best bars that don't card near me in New York, New York
  • Please Don't Tell. 1920. Lounges Speakeasies $$$East Village. ...
  • Rooftop 93. 386. Lounges Cocktail Bars $$Chinatown. ...
  • Keybar. 620. ...
  • The Library. 415. ...
  • Cubbyhole. 416. ...
  • Spot Karaoke & Lounge. 602. ...
  • Lucky. Dive Bars Pubs $East Village. ...
  • The Lookup. Cocktail Bars Lounges $$Midtown West.

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What clubs don't ID in New York?

Top 10 Best clubs that don't card Near New York, New York
  • The Village Underground. 341. Dance Clubs Lounges Comedy Clubs $$Greenwich Village. ...
  • LAVO Nightclub. 402. Dance Clubs $$$Midtown East. ...
  • Rooftop 93. 386. ...
  • Please Don't Tell. 1921. ...
  • Slate NY. 1112. ...
  • TAO Downtown Nightclub. Dance Clubs $$$Chelsea. ...
  • Bembe. 513. ...
  • Madame X. 351.

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Do NYC bars check ID?

It doesn't matter if it's a restaurant, a bar, or a club. If one plans on drinking in NYC one should always carry valid government identification (no copies, and student ID doesn't count either). ID laws are very strict here.

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Do bars in NYC card at the door?

Most of the time they ID at the door actually. I'm sure the locals will have a more definate response but I was in NYC last year, I was 25 and got asked for ID at every pub/bar I went to (excluding pubs for dinner).

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What bars in NYC take fakes?

Top 10 Best Fake Id Clubs Near You in New York, New York
  • All "Fake Id Clubs" results in New York, New York. Showing 1-60 of 474.
  • LAVO Nightclub. 3.9 mi. 403 reviews. ...
  • Slate NY. 2.5 mi. ...
  • TAO Downtown Nightclub. 2.8 mi. ...
  • Marquee New York. 3.2 mi. ...
  • Mission Nightclub. 2.9 mi. ...
  • Nebula. 3.3 mi. ...
  • PHD Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown. 2.7 mi.

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Can you get into bars without a fake?

Displaying a false ID is a crime. In California, it can carry up to a $1,000 fine, a one-year driver's license suspension and up to six months in jail. Of course, some of-age people may be showing photographs of real IDs — but on a phone, a bouncer just can't be sure.

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How strict is NYC on fake IDs?

Young kids who make and use fake IDs, particularly to buy alcohol or tobacco products, may assume they are committing a harmless offense. However, New York State considers having a fake ID to be a serious crime. Getting caught with a fake ID can result in prison time and a possible criminal record.

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Can you go clubbing at 18 in New York?

It totally depends on the bar/pub. Some stick to the law 100% and some don't. There are bars that have people under 21 inside...and there are some that won't tolerate it. I have seen small groups who come into a bar and get a table/booth and have someone in that party always get up and get the drinks w/o any issue.

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How strict are bars in NYC?

Bars and clubs are stricter than restaurants, but if you look older than 21 many places won't bother to check. Worst case scenario, make friends with an older New Yorker in the bar and have him or her order a round of drinks. You might get away with it.

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What restaurants don't ID in NYC?

Best Places That Dont Card near me in New York, New York
  • All "Places That Dont Card" results in New York, New York. Showing 1-60 of 3701.
  • Jajaja Mexicana. 2.1 mi. 603 reviews. ...
  • Rooftop 93. 1.1 mi. 386 reviews. ...
  • Please Don't Tell. 1.4 mi. ...
  • Club Cumming. 1.3 mi. ...
  • K-one. 1.1 mi. ...
  • Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge. 3.2 mi. ...
  • Pier 17. 1.2 mi.

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Can you get into clubs in New York under 21?

Kids as young as 16 can get into some of the hot spots listed below, at least on certain nights. If you are planning on heading out, you will still need proof of age, and you will definitely be carded for alcohol. Some venues may be closed due to recent events in New York City.

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Can minors go into bars in New York?

It is unlawful to serve or sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted in establishments that serve alcohol unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. CAN PARENTS SERVE? No, it is illegal for any parent or guardian to serve a minor on a licensed premise.

Bars that don't card nyc reddit? (2023)
Is it illegal to be card only in NYC?

Prohibition of Cashless Establishments

Beginning November 19, 2020, stores must accept cash unless they have a machine to convert cash to a prepaid card.


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